You are Good Enough – Pass it On

Shut out the static of your busy day for just 60 seconds today & believe this message; you are good enough! Sure, it’s cheesy, and yes; we all have legitimate personal things that we can work on to improve ourselves, but positive self talk will get you there faster than negative self talk every time – with a whole lot less misery involved, too.

Everyday we are bombarded by images and messages created by people who want to sell us something that are telling us that we aren’t good enough in one way or another. It’s an endless stream of you aren’t thin enough, rich enough, young enough, you don’t wear the right clothes and you don’t drive the right car, you have wrinkles, your hair needs to be dyed, you need dangerous plastic surgery if you want to look the way you’re “supposed” to and you need to be flawless inside & out if you are to believe that you are worth anything at all.

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